One of the ways that we live into our design as human beings is when we give our word and then keep our word – that is when we do what we say we will do when we said we will do it and in the way it was meant to be done.  It is easy to see this way of living is workable- our lives and relationships function better when we have this kind of integrity.

We also believe that God calls us to give our word to things that are larger than we can accomplish on our own.  Sometimes he asks us to give our word to the transformation of families, neighborhoods, workplaces, communities and nations even when we can’t see how we will be able to keep our word and will spend the rest of our lives learning to live into the word we have given.  God is calling us to join him in his mission to reconcile the world to himself and to restore it to his design.  When we say yes to him, He will take us to places we have never been and will teach us to walk by faith, which happens to be how we were designed.