Other Ministry Partnership Info

Kids Hope International  Please click on the link to watch a brief video from Cummings Elementary School principal, D. Martini, that describes our unique relationship with the school.  https://vimeo.com/171930312


Hands in Mission (HIM) is a non-profit relief charity located in NW Grand Rapids, MI. with strong ties to Standale Church.  Several of the board members of HIM come from Standale Church and many of our members have either gone to Honduras with HIM or provide monthly support to many of the children in Honduras.

Over the years HIM has built homes, schools, medical clinics, churches, and Vocational Ed classrooms. HIM also provides support to communities that are dealing with orphanage overcrowding and malnutrition. HIM gives people a real hands-on experience in international settings.

Faithwalking / Mission Houston

The Micah Center