Mission Statement & Core Beliefs

Mission Statement:

Standale Reformed Church has been called by God to love and lead people into a maturing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Core Beliefs:

Worship – We believe that worship is a real encounter between a living God and His people, enabled by the Holy Spirit, in which we experience forgiveness, receive encouragement, and are taught God’s ways. Indeed, worship empowers everything else that we do. Therefore, worship should be a celebration and it should be marked by joy, praise, and thanksgiving. All parts of worship-including prayers, music, and preaching-must be honoring to God and relevant to worshipers.

Evangelism – We believe that all Christians are expected to be witnesses to what Jesus Christ has done in their lives. We have been granted the sure hope of God’s forgiveness and eternal life. Therefore, we will seek opportunities to share that Good News with those around us: family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, fellow students, etc. Lost people matter to God, and they should therefore matter to us.

Discipleship – We believe that every Christian is called to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we will seek to be growing constantly in our knowledge of God’s Word, in our prayer life, in our daily obedience, and in our stewardship of the money and time which God has entrusted to us.

Fellowship – We believe that we have been united to one another as a diverse family of brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. Therefore, we will warmly welcome others into our fellowship, accept and respect one another for how God has made us, pray for each other, and weep together and rejoice together. We will seek to grow in our relationships with each other so that we can encourage one another towards love and good deeds.

Service – We believe all Christians have been called to a servant lifestyle. Therefore, we will seek to discover and use our Spirit-given passions and gifts, thus allowing God to impact our church and our community through our service. As a church, we will equip and empower our members to serve in the ministries to which God calls them. We will seek to meet both spiritual needs and other basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, justice, and liberation.

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